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Data Cabling Solutions

If you are looking for common-sense solutions that will help you advance your company’s data cabling needs, you should reach out to IP Communications, Inc. Our IPC cabling division will help you move your commercial space into the 21st century with our comprehensive data cabling services. We will assist you in identifying and designing a data network that meets the needs of your organization. We will install and test a data cable network that makes sense for your business today and into the future.

IPC understands structured cabling can be a major expense and it is not something a business wants to repeat every 5 to 10 years. Our talented cable engineers keep that in mind when making recommendations. Our Union Cable technicians take great pride in their work, we are the premier source of data networking in Northern IL and Southern WI Call us today at 815-986-0199 to learn more.

IPC installs, tests, certifies and maintains cable networks including:

data cabling

  • Traditional Category 6 Data Cable
  • Category 6A Ethernet cable transfers data at twice the bandwidth of CAT6 at a price that is not much more than Cat-6.
  • Category 7 or Class F Ethernet cable that adheres to even higher standards for mitigating crosstalk than CAT6A.
  • RG6 cable in both solid copper and copper clad steel conductors
  • Cable management to support cables while making an organized and safe environment
  • Cable riser distribution fiber optic cable for indoor/outdoor applications

These are just some of the cabling services offered by our wholly Owned IBEW 364 union Company Performance Cable Networks or (PCN)

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CAT6A Ethernet Cable for Networking

Category 6A Ethernet cable transfers data at twice the bandwidth of CAT6 with superior lower levels of crosstalk noise. It is made to carry a data signal further at greater speed, up to a maximum distance of 328 feet, with its improved design to minimize system noise. CAT6A Ethernet cable is also backward compatible with CAT6 and CAT5E standards.

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Cable’s CAT 6A Riser Rated Cable is ideal for your indoor voice, data, video, and security networking applications. Whether you are wiring your office or entire campus, IPC has the network solution that is right for you.

Our UL Listed CAT 6A Riser Rated CMR Cable is the perfect fit for reliable installations where the cable will be used indoors. This cable’s 8 conductors (4-Pairs) are solid bare copper with a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation and a CMR-UL PVC jacket. This cable is also tested up to speeds of 10G.

Bulk CAT7/7A Ethernet Cables for 10G Networking

Category 7 or Class F Ethernet cable adheres to even higher standards for mitigating crosstalk than CAT6A. Shielding is applied to individual twisted pairs as well as to the cable as a whole. The nature of the twisted pairs and number of turns per unit length also increases the radio frequency shielding. For the ultimate future-proof networking solution, CAT7 and CAT7A Ethernet cable are the way to go.

  • grey cableCAT-7, 10G Indoor Dual Shielded Solid Copper S/FTP, 23 AWG 1000FT
  • black cableCAT-7 10G Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shielded Solid Copper S/FTP, 23 AWG 1000FT

cablesFiber distribution cable is ideal for applications requiring a single termination point with multiple fibers. It has a tight buffered design so it can be installed in intra-building backbone and inter-building campus locations without expensive transitions between cable types. We offer both plenum and riser-rated fiber distribution cables for indoor and outdoor installations.

Dry Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

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The great outdoors poses challenging conditions for fiber-optic network infrastructure. Rain, wind abrasion, ice loading, lightening, and thermal shock are just a few obstacles to overcome. Loose tube fiber optic cable is the preferred choice for outdoor applications. The composition of the fiber is better equipped to handle stress from temperature and moisture. Water blocking yarn swells up to absorb excess moisture, thus protecting the fiber cores.

LC Fiber Optic Connectors

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The Lucent Connector or LC connector is one type of push and pull connector similar to the SC connector only it has a locking tab. It also has a smaller ferrule, making it popular for high-density data applications. The LC connector is considered by some to be the replacement for the SC connector.

RG6 CATV Coaxial Cable for Satellite or Cable TV

CATV and higher frequency television call for denser coaxial cable with greater levels of shielding. RG6 CATV cable is manufactured with a larger diameter conductor and thicker dielectric for stronger signal propagation. We supply a broad spectrum of RG6 CATV cable in both solid copper and copper clad steel conductors, and with varying levels of shielding.

The RG6 Direct Burial Quad Shield Coaxial Cable, 18 AWG has an 18 gauge copper clad steel conductor with 60% and 40% aluminum quad shielding.

Cable Management

Stay Organized with Cable Management

cable managment
Cable management is an important consideration during the installation of data networking components. The purpose of cable management is to provide support for wires and cables while making an organized, safe environment. This makes maintenance safer and quicker for technicians over the life of the install.

Riser Distribution Fiber Optical Cable

Optical cable

Cable riser distribution fiber optic cable is ideal for indoor/outdoor applications. Its tight-bound, tight-buffered design allows cables to be installed in the intra-building backbone and inter-building campus locations without costly transitions between cable types. This is an ideal configuration for a single termination point requiring multiple fibers. Primus Cable riser distribution cables use high-performance components and construction and are UL Listed for use in vertical runs in building riser shafts or from floor to floor.

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